This House Was 3D Printed In Just 24 Hours For Less Than $11k

This House Was 3D Printed In Just 24 Hours For Less Than $11k

Are you worried about building your new home as it consumes time and money? The housing crisis is growing rapidly and people are facing the problems worldwide but what if your house is built within just one day?

The company from the San Francisco specialized in the 3D printing decided to build the house and step towards the future of the construction might look like.

The 3D company is able to build a star-shaped house that takes just one day to build – the company based from the San Francisco Apis Cor use the mixture of the concrete and claims that the life of the house lasts around 175 years.

The company has launched the 3D printers that are able to develop the walls and complete the process of the home within one day – the company has shown the example of their work – the printers designed the walls and the tiny home is ready within just over $10,000.

Incredible 3D Printed Home:This House Was 3D Printed In Just 24 Hours For Less Than $11k

The company has designed the 3D home with the printers to print their apartments on-site – the company believes that the machine is able to build the home as the printing of walls as well partitions of the home is created less than a day.

The company added that the mobile printer is just small enough to be transported quite easily – once the printer completed the assigned tasks of the walls as well the partitions – the cranes or lifters are used to assemble the home.

The Russian and the company build the first 3D house in the south of Moscow – the biggest roadblock of building the home is cold temperature but the company keeps out some of the freezing air to maintain the temperature to stand the concrete.

The house exterior is finished with white decorative plaster to paint the home with the bright colors – company opts the color yellow to enhance the beauty of the home and furnished their homes with the modern appliances to enhance the interior of the house.

Founder of Apis Cor:This House Was 3D Printed In Just 24 Hours For Less Than $11k

The engineers towards the progress of the mobile printer are intelligent as they stated that they have developed a machine to cure the humans – to build the homes that are ready within moments – we want to speed the process of construction for the future.

We want to upgrade the living style of the people that is fast as well the quality of the work is excellent – the old 3D printers worked as portal type but I took this as a limitation and decided to develop the machine that is brilliant and the life of these kinds of houses are long enough.

The company added that the total cost to build the house is $10,134 and for instance the $275 for per square meter – the cost of the home is reasonable and it is built within just one day and the long life of the home shows that technology is growing rapidly and future of the construction might be this kind of machines.