Wheelchair Accessible Home Modification Can Make Your Life Easier

The home is the place to enjoy for everyone and live happily – well every home needs simple accessible home modification for the disabled persons as most of them wants to live in home at old age – the home is the place for living together as a family and if any member is disabled or requires a wheelchair then there are certain changes to update your home for the disabled members. The cost of remodeling of the house for the disabled persons varies depending upon your needs and here are few ideas for modification of the home.

Entry Ways:

The first step towards the modification of the home and the wheelchair person’s most difficult step is the entry way of the home as they are unable to step the stairs – you need to design the wheelchair ramp at the entry way of the home at it looks nice and ease the old aged persons. You also need the security of the home as well so install the power entry door openers to increase the protection of the home.


The other difficulty facing disabled people is to move inside the home as the width of doors are less than the chair and chair needs to be turn – you must take care of the door standards as it suggests to be the width of 32 to 48 to meet the minimum requirement of the wheelchair entrance – you can also install the automatic door opener if you are able to afford them or avoid using accordion door.

Accessible kitchen:

You have to adjust the kitchen fragments in a way that are accessible to the wheelchair persons as they have to face difficulties while using the elements of the kitchen – kitchen must need minimum 5-foot diameter that allows the wheelchair to turn around easily and add countertops and other accessibilities lower so that they reach them easily. You have to add sink at a lower place and provide space for toe and knee of the person and add buttons and electric preferences at the front of the counter to cabinet.


Bathroom is the area that needs to be remodeled very first as the disabled persons find difficulties a lot while using the bath as its doors are narrow – you have to designed in a way that allows wheelchair to step in and toilet height varies from person to person and the standard height for the toilet is 17 – another difficulty is bathtub you have to design tub transfer seats for bath or prefer the showers instead of tub for the disabled persons and add the sink at limited height so it is accessible for the wheelchair persons.

Other Areas:

We have described above the major home modification for the disabled person and that are utmost and here are some other ideas like:

  • Clear any large furniture that becomes an obstacle.
  • Make sure pathways doesn’t have any crack or repair it.
  • Ensure the switch must be accessible for the person.