Cleaning Kitchen Sink


The kitchen sink is the most demanding and frequently used fragment of the home and all house people rely heavily on it for washing dishes or preparing for the food – but the question rise how you clean your most important fragment of the home? The kitchen sink needs time for its deep clean to remain in stable condition and remove the odors and keep it in tip-top condition and here is step by step procedure that helps you to keep the kitchen sink in good condition.

Cleaning Sink:Cleaning Kitchen Sink

Flush with water: Running water for sometimes in the kitchen sink will help you to remove the garbage and wash away the particles that are in the sink or use hot water for the purpose to flush the sink but remember this never clear it from germs like bacteria.

Cleaning Kitchen SinkScrub with an old brush: You need to manually clean the sink with the help of old brush or scrub brush too – remove the above screen of the sink and manually scrub the inside area to clean the sink.

Eliminating Odor:Cleaning Kitchen Sink

Use citrus fruit peels: You know that the odor still remains after washing the kitchen sink – the idea is to use any citrus fruit like orange, lemon that helps to enhance the smell of the kitchen sink and eliminate the odors that are sitting in the blades.

Baking Soda: You can also use the combination of baking soda as well as the vinegar to clean up your drain of the sink and rinse the water after 10 to 15 minutes of the mixture to complete the process.

Use of bleach: You know that bleach is the element that is sensitive and kills all the germs from anywhere and using the kitchen bleach for cleaning the drain of the sink is the preferable idea to freshen up your drainage system of the sink.

Maintaining Your Disposal:Cleaning Kitchen Sink

Run garbage disposal longer: You can use the garbage disposal every time for a longer period while you use it for any purpose and run it until the grinding noise stops. This helps you to clear the complete disposal unit.

Avoid grease in drain: You must need to avoid the pouring the oil or any grease item in the drain as it starts clog to the drain from time to time – you can also cut the food items into smaller one to avoid stuck off the items for the disposal period.

All of these are the tips and ways to clean your drainage or removal of odor from the kitchen sink and keep it in maintained shape for the future.