bring natural light in house

5 Ways To Bring Natural Light In Dark Rooms

The natural light is important for the body as well as changes the mood of the person when entering the room and provides you vitamin D – having sunlight in the home will make you pleasant and have healthy effects on your mood as well as for the health. You have to bring the light in the room and the glass doors are a good idea for providing light but what if you don’t have glass doors? Do you need to renovate the home? The answer is no, here are the ways to enter the light in the room even without renovating or changing the home.

  1. Use of mirrors:bring natural light in house

You have to work out for the demand of the lighting in a room – one pleasant way for welcoming the sunlight in the room is to hang the plenty of mirrors and a large one in front of a window and arrange the small mirrors in a way to reflect the light to darker areas. The idea of hanging a mirror in the rooms is also comfortable as it looks nice for the decoration of the house.

  1. Window treatments:bring natural light in house

There is another way to enhance the brightness of the light at the room by removing heavy or dark curtains from the windows and use the light colors or fabric for more light in the room. If your windows facing the trees then trim the tree above from windows for an increment of the natural light in the room.

  1. Be transparent:bring natural light in house

The idea to increase the bright light is to use the transparent doors or use glass in the doors especially in front door – this will help you keep the natural light in the room also use the glass in windows for extra light – the glass must be frosted or tinted glass to secure your privacy. You must clean your windows as less dirt and dust more sunlight enters in the room.

  1. Be Mindful of Paintings:bring natural light in house

You have to keep in mind while adding a poster or picture in the room as they block the daylight to enter through the glass and this will absorb sunlight and you are unable to access the fun of natural light. One more tip for adding light in the dark areas or room of the house is to paint them with light or neutral colors i.e. white or gray colors are preferable for the walls paint as they make brighten the room and look awesome as well.

  1. Settings of the room:bring natural light in house

You must keep in mind to place the bookshelves or storage perpendicular towards the sunlight as they obstruct light – this is a tip that helps you to bright natural light in the room. You can also prefer shiny surfaces as they are a better approach towards the reflection of light in the room.