Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

10 Trendy Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah Celebration

The eight-day holiday festival of the light for the Jewish has great importance and the modern menorahs are the most demanding to celebrate the nights of light. For the traditional or the casual Jewish faith we have a collection of the modern menorahs and are given below:

  1. Crystal block menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

The crystal block menorah is the best and the perfect choice for the home as it is the creation of the strong the block of crystals and the most obvious and outstanding is that it is cut and polished by the hand and has the clear and clean edges – it has slot of the nine candles as well as removable metal cups.

  1. Alabaster-and-gold-leaf menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

A magnificent piece of work for lighting the candle at home with modern unique style and especially hand-made for its perfection – the design comes in the beautiful color combination of the white and gold and will glow the candlelight.

  1. Woodbury menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

The solid hand-made menorah with glass base support is perfect for the festive days as well as perfect for the home decoration and a nice piece of the beauty of the home. The Woodbury menorah is designed with the 100 percent lead-free glass and it is ideal for the table centerpiece or mental piece and can easily hand wash or mild detergent.

  1. Palm Menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

The perfect design that enhances the beauty of nature – the design of the menorah was based on the palm tree as the collector was inspired by the beauty of nature and its gold finishing and perfect textures make it a comfortable luxury as the shape was inspired by the fallen frond.

  1. Brushed Silver Short Menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

The perfect design and the beautiful shape for the holiday tradition and made of the aluminum to enhance its beauty work – the design was in the curved lines to light up the candles and all other parts are made of the silver and the awesome is that a perfect design available with affordable price.

  1. Dachshund menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

The perfect design shaped like an animal holding the candles for the holiday evenings and finished with the soft satin matte glaze. The design was awesome and prepares by the artisans each piece in high-fired stoneware for its durability and first, the original model is designed by hand with the help of the clay.

  1. Modular menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

A perfect design to arrange your candles in a way you like with this magnificent piece of the work – the design looks awesome when placed on the table as you arranged in a way of your choice and artesian made it with speculator design in a Vermont Studio.

  1. Porcelain menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

The masterpiece of work and a craft for home decoration – the beauty of the design is awesome and a perfect for the holiday festive available with blue and white color combination and a stalwart style.

  1. Bird Menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

The design shapes like a bird and a shiny piece for lighting your holiday Hanukkah candle light celebration – a sculptural design for the festive.

  1. Silver-plated menorah:Modern Menorahs For Hanukkah

Have a pleasant time on your Hanukkah event with this silver-plated menorah and put it on the table that looks awesome.