Tips For Keeping Kitchen Knives In Good Conditions

You don’t need to be a top chef for learning the importance of a good knife as it is the most valuable tool in the kitchen and not caring of the knife leads to the dullness and unsafe of its sharpness. Once you have sharped and bought a new knife for the kitchen purposes than keeping it in its original shape is much important and a properly cared knife is the perfect choice for every time of the cut and here are the few simple tips that can sharp your knife longer.

  • Don’t toss knives in a drawer:

Storage is the main impact of the knives as they are the tool and leaving them in a drawer leads to the damage of their sharpness and their blades and most time proves to be dangerous. You have to invest in the knives holders it may be made of magnetic holders or the wood blocks or any special case and sometimes it is available in drawer trays and keep the blades facing down to protect them and make their lives longer.

  • Properly clean your knife:

You have to properly clean the knives before and after the use as it enhances the efficiency of its sharpness – you don’t wash the blades of the kitchen in the dishwasher as it contact with other silver items that dull it over time, the solution towards this is to wash the knives by your hand every time as it produces the damage to your dishwasher if it is washed with other items – spend a little time to wash these with warm water and dish soap and dry them thoroughly before placing it away.

  • Use the right cutting board:

The choice of right type of the cutting board also matters a lot in the life of the knives as it improves the ability to hold an edge. The best choice for the cutting board and to cut items or vegetables with the help of the wooden board as wood is soft and provides a little damage to the sharpness of the blades or you can also use the butcher cutting board as it is durable. The choice of plastic is least and preferable and the last item is to cut on the plates that will dull event the highest quality of the kitchen knives if you constant chopping or cutting via them.

  • Do maintain their sharpness:

The persons that keep the use of the kitchen knives in an excellent way needs to sharp them once or twice in a year – home sharpness are also available for the ease of the people and you can also forward towards the professional to sharp your knives and make sure taking off the minimal amount of the steel from the knives.

At last, in order to keep the knife sharp and intelligent – you have to avoid using it as screwdriver or hammer or any other kind of the tool as it is presented as the knife tool and must be intended for the cutting processes.